Tri colored English Bulldog: Pachanga

Lovely English Bulldog puppies for sale. Lilac bulldog with 45 days tri-colored. English bulldog with blue eyes. Isn't it adorable?

  • Firt vaccine already done
  • PEDIGREE registred with AKC (American Kennel Club)
  • Legal transfer agreement
  • Pesticide treatment
  • First basic socialization training already made from our trainers
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100% safe transaction

Our transactions are 100% safe for our buyers. All payments are secured by wold's leader escrow services platform. The money is kept on hold by the platform and released ONLY after you have approved the transaction. That means that you have comfortably received at your home the puppies with all the conditions we state on our site. 

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6 months support

At no additional costs, we offer for a 6 months period a  dedicated trainer. He will be assisting you in WhatsApp answering all the questions you might have and giving you pieces of advice regarding your puppies.

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Custom videos of your puppies

We provide short videos of the puppy, so that you can better see its details and check his/her good health. 

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Price: $4,000


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